Saturday, December 22, 2012



Assalamualikum and Hi there!
How are you doing? Hopefully we still be granted with good health and His blessing.
Actually i'm posting this short post*yeah,short enough i guess just to share few things i learnt lately.
Now i really understand what "EXPLORATION" really is.
Why Kak Marina and Kapten chose Karisma English EXPLORATION(if i'm not mistaken la) .KEX.
Its because its sacred meaning. and only now i truly understand it.

People always says "Experience is the best teacher" and yeah it is but for me exploration is the best experience. ehehe.bole erk? :P
Yep it almost a year I've been here in UTP, far away from home. I'm kinda excited at first to enjoy the new life here. But being here actually not about to enjoy the freedom, not to be away from our fitrah basically. It is all about learning. Of course to achieve a good result and gain academic knowledge but not to forget here, we learn the basic introduction about life. What life is all about? how to deal with people? How to manage our own self.

through my observation.ecece.hehe. First and most important thing I discover is 'friends'. before, I just be friend with anyone, huha huha with everybody but that everybody is not true friend.
I found that not all the people are sincere. some just trying to benefit something from be careful guys.
to find a bundle of friends is easy but to discover a true friend is not. Here is 2  criteria to look for:
-have a good heart.even some cant show their attention and love but we,can feel it.
-bring us closer to our God.keep reminding us about solah, aurat and attitude.
But, reminder to find a good friend,we ourselves should be that "good friend" first.

Second.surrounding.Be aware! Dont believe people easily. I've once being asked to buy a product. And I dont know I cant think rationally at that time and i just bought it. It cost RM2000++. Just imagine,how come init?They control fully my psychology at that time. I try to ask them to return back that product the next day but they play around with the contract I've signed. I can do nothing.Its all because of my carelessness. But thanks God, my parent are both supportive. They dont blame me at all. They advise me to learn from this, dont easily believe people, remember your main point to be there(to seek knowledge,to make me proud).
For the first time in my life I cried when talking with my Abah.I dont expected those words from him. I thought he'll be very angry hearing that. Alhamdulillah,now everything settled. Starting from that incident, I appreciate my parent more, i realize how loving they are.I respect them much.And I'm not the old Ida yang boros lagi dah.Someone told me "it is  the best lesson when it happen when you're still young because you'll not repeat it when you're old". work with people especially to do group task.I learnt a lot this sem how to work with others.Yep, everything kak Marina said is right. First,Choose a leader.I've done a group project but we forget to assign a leader and at last the result was hurm.So,now I get something:
-Choose your group member if you can.Thats our right kan. Only great people think alike.
-Assign a group ensure things went smoothly.
-Be a good group member. Do what we suppose to do and help others also.
-Do research and ask others opinion.
-Be serious.
I did not blame anyone but it just an advise for all of you and myself to be well prepared and give full commitment in completing any task.And learn from others.

My last word.Just go with the flow.accept everything that happen and EXPLORE the reason why it happen.
Be a good person. Make others happy.Remember we are here to gain knowledge,make our parents proud and explore the real life.So, lets reorganize our timetable to prepare ourselves to achieve success here and hereafter.
"Exploration is the best experience". dont afraid to explore okayy. :))

Saturday, November 3, 2012



Assalamualaikum and hello there.

 before aku start cakap pape, jom tengok video ni dulu.

       i'm crying  the first time i see this video. it's kinda got me thinking could i fulfill all those wishes?
will i treat them well,the way they asked? i dont know. even my mom and dad,your parents also i guess,never wrote that kind of letter to us.but deep inside every parents have those wishes in their heart.
They grow us with care,love and patience.Never give up of feeding us the best food, teaching us to walk and ride a bicycle, giving us all the things we asked . But did we think about all those things?did we truly appreciate that? could we have something to give back, tho they never ask us to do so. think about it. think about it.

      Mom and Dad. we thanks God for sending both of you to this world. You raise us until what we are now. So, its our responsibilities to make your tomorrow getting brighter and brighter. If we ever hurt your feelings, please forgive us. We know you are getting older,so do us.We hope we will patiently help you up when your knees get weaker,listen to your stories the way you hear our teddy bear story long time ago. Don't worry we will never sick of your smell because you are heaven to us. If the day you have to wet the bed, please don't say sorry but cherish a smile so that my future children remember that smile. We would be glade to hear those whisper from you to God. We know your blessings are the key to God blessings. but am i worth to receive those whisper? am i good enough to be proud of? am i a good daughter to you? I hope so.

     indeed,i know my parents never read this post. But i want them to keep calm because i'm trying my best to be the good one. In shaa Allah. ' O God give me strength to always fight for this dunya and hereafter. Gather us one day in your real paradise. Give us true happiness and excitement.' Ameen.

Sunday, September 9, 2012



Assalamualaikum cinta..HAHA

I'm just finished my final exam for my 2nd sem . ya even not so satisfied with chemistry*a bit tough i guess,even budak chemical pon fening,but still happy la dpt cuti kan,hurm seminggu je kot..

anyway banyak benda boleh buat dlm masa yg singkat ni
first of all,have a date with my so-kiut-miut-bestfriend whose going to further her studies in Egypt,CIDA .
why i call it a date?huhu,just two of us okkay,lepak-ing at mcD whil having such a very girly stuff,gossiping..HAHA sharing our experiences,opinion and tak terlepas buat tutorial shawl uolls*ye la orang tu dpt shawl baru kan . act i've no idea nak bagi ape la dekat cida ni,nasib baek ade dua orang budak genius utp bg idea..first kitorg plan nk beli cadar*kinda weird kan,but opcoz hari2 before tidur kompem cida igt aku..hewhew.taaaaapi xde yg lawa pulak kt shopping mall yg kitrg pegi tu.after all tukar plan beli shawl..ahha thats the story.kuakua
hopefully mung suko,da


beli dua terus tau..HAHA 
punye la excited,we forgot to take at least one picture of us la as kenangan before kau fly kan..apa boleh buat lupa punya pasal..and lepas tu kitorg pegi jumpa ain kat hospital.her mom's just having her  first chemotherapy.both me and cida just dont know how to calm ain..she immediately cries once we arrived..the most terkilan part is when ain cakap"aku takut tak sempat nk berbakti dekat ummi aku".ain,there're too much ways untuk berbakti tau..i think what u already done is more than enough..aku ngan cida,what we able to do was just having some talk and buat lawak yg at least could make she smiles.and yeahh ain boleh gelak sakan.erm,for sure,we cant cure,the only thing we could do is pray "Ya Allah,give her strength to fight against that disease for her children and family" AIN stay strong dear!!

hurm,i guess hari ni  una ngan fini mesti pegi KLIA hantar cida..aku babai dari jauh je laa
aku doakan kau success kat sana,one day balik as a new doctor.make ur mum proud babe.i know u can do it..chaiyyokk!! :)
dari kiri-cida,ain..lolzz
I WISH TO SEE THOSE SMILE samapi korang tua lahh..HUHU
tak lupa the other friend of mine yg turut fly ke jordan,dentistry -MAIRAH..orang buat aku tacing time aku masuk utp dulu.siap buat post special lagi utk raidah dia ni kat fb..HAHA

yg ni pon babai dr jauh.. <3 u mairah
even aku tak berjiwa sastera macam kau,tak dpt buat post tacing2 bagai.i wish u all the best!!
kalo balik Mlaysia nanti jgn lupe roger aku tau..

NI HA,AYAT2 YG BuAT AKU TACING ..huhu..thanks a lot mairaa :))
"ini utk dia. like anda dpt mberi smgt kpd dia.

alhamdulillah.dah msuk 3 thn ak knl dia.2 tahun jd classmate ak.haha.
dia-sgt tidak bperasaan.muka dia x menunjukkan sbrg riak.
dia-peka thdp surrounding.
dia-sifu physics VSG.means sifu kitorg la.sbr mgajar-mdidik wlaupn kitorg ni dotdot.HAHA.
*i miss that big time*
she's good at planning her life,i swear.
dan hasilnya,dia akn ke UTP for electric el

ectronic engineering,which is her biggest dream.

now ida,this is for u.
we ♥ u!
thx for being a great u.
when i write/type dis,im almost cry.hahaha.
ida,gluck!may Allah bless u!
smga urusn mu dpmudahkn.
smga smua y drancg mjadi kyataan.
doakan kitorg dpt join mu.
never forget us,plis.
i know ure smiling blissfully for all d efforts n togetherness.
 — with Zubaidah Zack."
bertudung hijau.DAYAH terr

5SC 2 proud of u guys!!

uhhu..still terharu baca benda ni..tak lupa jugak buat shabat2 lain,classmate yg menyambung pelajaran kat negara org,macam DAYAH ZAHARAN,KIRAH,NISA'(tok oyak sepatoh dihh.hahah),AYUNIE ANIS,BUCHAK(eh boleh ko panggil gitu,hehe),ameer firdaus,amin..good luck kt sana,macam yg org lain nasehat la jaga diri,jaga eh salah"jaga akhlak,jaga iman,jaga hati"..insyaAllah dipermudahkan segala urusan..and jgn lupa doakn kitorg yg study dlm negara ni yeee..hehe


Friday, July 13, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello there!

Now i know why i'm so moody and down je these few weeks.
even baru je balik rumah,hari2 duk igt nk balik je..
Hari ,jumaat cam biase la ade lab chemy .so,awal2 pagi lagi dah gerak pegi lab la kan .
about 9.30 a.m camtu la,while waiting my lab partner tulis report,aku tgk phone..miscall dr ummi and a text message
"nenek takda dah pukul 8.30 pagi td"  oke ,innalillahiwainnailaihirajiun..only Allah knows what i felt..siyes,nak nanges aku tahan, taknak classmate lain tahu..speechless!shocked!

tayah cakap ah i lost the most important person in my life,my teacher, best friend,orang yg selalu buat jokes ,and the greatest motivator ever.all the memories came cross my mind again and i cant stop crying..
igt lagi masa tadika dulu,org 1st aku tgk bila bangun pagi is she,ye la my parents awal2 pagi lagi kerja.
then,nenek la yg tlg mandikan budak tadika ni,bagi minum MILO semua tu..bila balik tadika ,lunch is already served..terus aku berkejar ke dapur,nasi putih+telur dadar..then petang2 aku nyanyi lagu2 yg belajar dekat tadika tu depan nenek..*she'll then express that happy smile seeing her over-excited  grandchild ni
kalo aku mandi hujan ke buat masalah,nenek la yg selalu backup aku dr kena perangan hanger umi.
-time sekolah rendah takyah citer ah..bila aku dapat no 1 dlm kelas.nenek la yang paling happy..pantang makcik2 sekampung  datang rumah.kompem dapat tahu this good news..pastu aku dapat hadiah basikal baru.dia la yg introduce all the interesting games yg kitorg main mase tu..main buai bawah pokok rambutan,tarik pelepah pinang,main tali getah etc.
-lepas aku masuk sekolah menengah,she starts treating me like a friend..bagi nasihat,share experience die and tanye je la pape pon,she'll give her opinion sincerely .selalu nasihat aku selalu buat baik ngan orang lain,jangan cari pasal,hormat orang lain..sekali kita buat tak baik,tunggu Tuhan balas balik.
nenek jugak yg ajar aku cara nk pilih kawan,suruh jaga maruah diri and family and encourage me to study hard.balas jasa parents nanti..time aku SPM pon dia selalu cakap,semoga Allah pnjgkn umur dia nk tgk aku masuk U.and Allah mkbulkan doa nenek..lepas isyak aku akn buat air kopi tak pon tea bagi nenek.*before study ngan NIA kan..

masa kecik2 dulu pon,yang jadi bantal tidur aku,nenek..
teman pegi masjid time maghrib isyak semua tu..I still remember the moment when kitorg jalan sama2 bawa torchlight ke masjid tu..b4 balik rumah,beli kerepek pisang makan smbil jalan.,
and also yang ajar aku acane nak niat solat terawih,cara nk duduk dlm saf solat semua tu

then,everything change bila nenek masuk hospital last April.time tu aku tgh final exam..memang sem-break seminggu tu aku ulang alik pegi hospital je la..masa tu doktor dpt detect nenek ade masalh kidneys..
she's not as happening as before anymore,pastu bila balik rumah pon memang tak larat..xde selera makan semua tu..pastu,last week time mid-sem break yg aku balik hr tu,nenek just terlantar je.langsung xde tenaga..
seriously,aku nanges kot mase nk balik utp hari tu..berat je nk tinggal i realised that was the last moment we met..and today,its Friday.i should say goodbye to her.and of course it hurt.

tipu ah kalo aku cakap i'm the strongest person semua tu,memang la kena redha as a human-being i'm so sad..but what to do.Allah lebih sayang nenek.Dia taknak nenek lagi menderita..people said:why sad when u can pray right..and yeah thats the only thing i can do..

"Ya Allah,ampunilah dosa2 nenek,kurniakanlah pahala disisi-Mu ke atas jasa2 dan kasih sayang yg nenek curahkan kepada kami dan tempatkanlah nenek bersama hamba2-Mu yg beriman dan soleh.Ameen"

and thanks kawan2 yg selalu bagi kata2 semangat.i'll try to be strong..
sorry tak inform mase kat lab td sebab aku memang takbole nak cakap sepatah pon.. LA TAHZAN INNALLAHA MA'ANA.semoga nenek tenang di alam sana.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

bukan diriku

assalamualaikum and hello there..

officially aku dah masuk sem 2 kat utp ni.
live is always ohhsem lahh..pointer sem 1 pon dean list..Alhamdulillah.
bila dah masuk sem 2 ni.thing getting more complicated but still i can follow laa..lecturers pon sume perangai suke tido time lecture tu memang tak bole nk buat ape ahh..hehe
entah pape nk share pagi2 buta ni *ye la pukul 4.19 a.m kot..wee~roomate pon dah tido da..
act aku quite confuse skrg ni.i dont know what i want.i hardly understand myself,my personality and also my heart.i dont feel i'm the same ida lagi dahh--nak senyum pon susah apatah lg nak buat lawak mcm dulu..erm,Ya Allah.i feel so weird :(( hati ni macam tak tenang makan pon xde selera..omaigodd

thanks God.i'm lucky enough having good friends that shine least i can force myself to smile.
Sema' adni eliza and rina..seriuosly AKU SAYANG KORANG..i'll try my best to come back..aku pon x suke jadi camni..its hurt.

hopefully lepas take a nap kejap agi,my mood suddently change.
so i can focus on my i always motivate my friend ,una to accept the fate,be positive and enjoy every single moment we face,i should do it too.

how hurt it is,i should always aim high
for myself,
my parents
and my friends.
"dulu cita2 nak bukak kedai kek je,
sedar2 dah otw to be an engineer.Ya Allah permudahkn urusanku"-fb Zubaidah Zack
so,just go on and focus on ur aim,ida..u can do it.put ur trust on Him

Saturday, May 26, 2012


assalamualaikum and hello there!

hows ur day?is it as great as I am?.hope so
since I'm still staying at utp ,I guess I'm glad enough knowing I got that Pinjaman Boleh Ubah MARA.Thanks God,He has already planned this..So officially I'm not leaving utp for UIA or MATRIKS,I'll always being here with all these great people I love most,all of you are a part of my family -ain hajar ellly adni asma' MZ rina irham sarah kim pipah zai husna and budakk MAY intake,E'ah..haha..lets renew our aim and go for it..together we cherish new wonderful memories..

to all my friends,geng2 MMP,SKPH and KEX12..all the best in ur new university life.enjoy every single moment that u have..yg dapat pegi oversea MAIRA AMEER IZHANI..tahniah,jelezz  gile kot..hihi

here I would like to thank the important person that help me a lot,abah ummi yg sacrifice all they can for me,of course tanpa doa restu my  parents I'll never be what I am una,thaks sebab bagi aku essay BRAtS kau yang gempakk gile tu  as a reference utk buat essay kat MARA hari tu..che su yg tolong check my essay even malu kot vocab entah pape..all friends yg always and always support and doakan aku..thanks so much you

not to forget che Haida yg selalu bagi kate2 semangat..all the best ya kat USIM..

again that "keramat" words-"aim for the best and maintain ur aim"
let success be ours especially to EE student..ngeee~

only now i found the best picture of mine..HAHA..:P

see you again in the next post,bye :))

Thursday, May 10, 2012



assalamualaikum and hello there!!cam biase ayat first "so long tak update blog" hahha..xde ape nak share kita senyap je lahh kan..

act this post bout PETRONAS SCHOLARSHIP..
ye lahh dah habes satu sem aku kat utp kan,of course harapkn scholar mewah dr petronas ..but sad to say aku tak dpt..:((

""nak citer utk juniors la..kalo korang minat engineering and teringin nak study kat utp,aku nasihatkn buat leklok utk trial SPM then follow my step..apply utp ngan result trial.time cuti after spm korang akan pegi interview utk JAN intake utp.insyaallah..after korang qualified utk JAN intake,pegi je laa..*just like me..even tak dpt enjoy cam org lain still fun having university life lagi awal dr kawan2 yg lain..after SPM result..apply utk SCHOLARSHIP PETRONAS..istimewanya takyahh interview dahh,just ade simple test je..lagi senang..insyaallah kalo rezeki korang dpt tajaan dr petronas then bole stay study kt utp yg gempakk tuhh..:))""

sekarang ni konpius either nak stay or blahh dr utp..but after slow talk ngan umi abah td diorg suruh stay je..insyaalalh the only thing aku harapkn skrg adalah MARA yg baik hati tuhh..insyaalllah dpt mara,tenang skt aku study nati..

kira bersyukur la my parents jenis yg open-minded ..even takk dpt scholar petronas pon diorg stil support utk aku kejar cite2 kt lahh ade kot parents yg marah "petronas ni nak bape A lagi ? takk cukup ke result anak aku nihh?" haaa kan..act in my opinion la..bende camni takkyah la kecoh2,,redo je lahh dah bukan rezeki kite kan..igt lagi doa yg SARAH MISRI ajr hr tu "YA Allah,berilah segala ape yg terbaik buat diriku,agamaku.keluargaku,duniaku dan akhiratku.sesunggguhnya hanya Engkau yg Maha Mengetahui segala ape yg terbaik buat hamba-Mu" ..thanx SARAH ajarkn doa tu,thats make me feel strong with what God gave to me.I know its the best for me :))

so,guys doakn aku dpt MARA tau..bolehla ringankan beban my parents..or else aku konpius nk stay ke takk nanti..lagipon ter-over happy dah ni nk jumpe izhani ngan E'ah yg akan jadi my juniors kt utp utk MAY intake..welcome girls >AHAHA

<3 IDA SAYANG KAWAN LEBIH DR PAKWE.*ops still single keyhh :P

Friday, March 9, 2012

KEX '12


hello guys!
something has just cross into my mind after usha-ing others blogs(maria elena's,fatin liyana's and other of my friends) .
curious to know?HAHAHA..I want to update my blog too..:P

actually my life is just like usual,bangun pagi makan dan tidur kembali apabila malam bored kan.
but,what make it different is that I'm now officially a utp student..just having my 1st test past few days and now enjoying my mid-sem break,ALonE in my room, surrounded by soft sounds coming from outside,hearing people laugh loudly at the ground floor...and when midnight comes in,I felt something weird in myself..dup dup dup...

                                      I'M SLEEPY AND WANT TO SLEEP!!!

haha..thats what happened last night when I'm left alone here..all my friends going home but I decided to stay and cover all the subject that I've lost.but,its too bored to study,doing my leisure time activity,"skodeng" u all punya gambar. one of it was KEX's.

kak marina

seriously I miss one of the happiest moment with you guys,Super Us..even I was there just for a month I guess,I felt the bonding between us and of course with the most important person KAk MArina..the one that encourage me,teach me lots of thing I never find out here,most loving person..the one that hear my problem once ago.

hopefully all of you still remember me,the one yang dtg hari tu yg cerita pasal utp,bukan main selambe cakap kelantan time kex..actually spontaneously aku tercakap go on je lahh..sorry guys spoil ur class..:))

I still remember vividly one of the words came out during the lesson and I would never erase from my mind untill the end of my life. "aim and maintain ur aim"..thats make me take everything as its easy way in order to reach my goals of life..I also felt how sweet the relationship here.when I heard KEx already end,my inner voice cried and I know all of you lost the biggest thing in ur life, right?If I cried that much,I'm sure you guys had cried out of your voice.but, remember! you got much much more knowledge than me,lots of valuable things than me and most precious thing is much much more memorable times with,dont feel sad.. be grateful enough to have this thing as part of our journey of life.
when I read the comments said they love KM,I want to shout too but I cant as aku takut sakit tekok nanti..:p

but I still want to express that too and I think it is not too late anyway

hopefully I'm still one of kex super us family..still wondering cane la korang skrg nia still angkt phone mase present?or mejak still sepakk2 org bila duduk kt depan?of course everything had changed I guess..haha
xsabar nak pakai baju super us.till we meet again once SPM result are of luck guys!!

P/S:sorry copy gambar korang without permission but I love it

Saturday, February 18, 2012


assalamualaikum and hello there!!whats up guys? hows ur day..hopefully as shining as i am..still enjoying my nasi lemak right now..
ya,quite so long takk update blog.just busy this few weeks..enjoying my university life,fixing my timetable and getting suit with new environment,new people and so on..

even I just said i'm quite busy but still every week outing with my new bestfriend AIN,haha..semua jiran2 bilik aku pggl aku "burung hantu doe"..uhh..mane takk nye..siang hari keluar jalan2 ipoh la,gopeng la,manjung la and even tmpt yg aku takk pernah dgr pon>pusing..bila malam menjelma.stay up study..fuhh!! mak ai..ape nakk jadi laa..but aku dahh tekad la..takk nak kuar sgt dahh after this..(hopefully :P)

one more thing,just wanna share with you guys bout my ya-quite-new experience la..enjoying memorable moment with new friends here,my roommate, classmate,SG friends and most importantly my kakak SG,kak ziha yg cantikk the way,SG stands for smart group,ya just like usrah but much much more happening you know..

last sunday I guess we wake up such a very very early in the morning tau(ops!kantoi my english broken habess)..HAHA..then,walk ina group to sport complex..yEAh!!playing basketball..but aku tak tahu main wey..hentam macam main netball kot..HAHA..and cayaalahh otai otai basketball ni,sara,kak ziha and adni..korang terbaikk laa.. :P

selamanya..selamanya..bulatan gumbira!

few more pictures from ain's DSLR.hehe..copy paste pictures from fb..mintak permission ye cik ain yg baik hati..hehe

SG yg best!!


sarah(otai basketball)even takk nampak muka still cam "ini adalah sarah":P

hihi :))

then,oleh kerana my roommate as well as my SG friend lapar..kitorg pon pegi makan..HAHA..budget ayat skema doe.."wohoo.kak ziha belanja"

kak ziha and sarah

bila dahh kenyang2 bagai..perut pon dahh kata "TAkK NAKK"..kitorg pon gerakk pegi tasik.having some more photoshoot..even dahh 3minggu kat UTP ni la 1st time we reach that cantik-gile-wa-cakap-kat-lu lakes.
act,tasik bekas lombong..

let me introduce the people I love most here..that always cheer my day,makes me smile and kekadang gelakk sampai senak perut aku..HAAHA
Irham..sweetnye ko posing babe!!:P

yg ni..hrmm tak yah cakap gua a.k.a burung hantu

my kindhearted roommate.HAJAR la tasik tu..:))

awesome !


still around there

air die jernih sgt..tenang bile tgk

ish ish ape ke jadah la korang nihh :P

aku yg snap au..lawa takk??

ni la yg paling hyper.HHAHA
tak padan ngan kecik..layan motor besar doe..
hebat la lu ni babe..:P

ADni,ex.student tusyen cikgu LI..jiran bilik aku..hehe
yg selalu buat bising dimalam hari


jadi kanak kanak ribena balik.. :P

we rock ya!!

ok la dahh dahh la tu,,jom balik..:))

bye guys!

hahaha ..I think thats all lahh..nothing to say then .
thanks for reading..kamsahamnida..ciaoo
p/s:"ida sayang kawan lebih dari pakwe" ops!!hehe..just kidding..xde pakwe pon..
love after married just perfect .HAHA..
assalamualaikum :))

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


assalamualaikum and hello there!
right now.i'm already in utp tronoh perak and i guess i've made the right choice to grab the chance to be a "mahasiswi" you know..huhu
time flies and i'm still cant believe that i'm here with new friends new environment new lifestyle and also i've been the new me..
i'm taking foundation here then insyaallah will pursue in electrical and electronic engineering next year;;
know what guys susah doe nak suit with this new environment where i cant be myself..
i'm the one that agak la susah nk rapat with,quite bored la..nak sembang pon cam takde topik je..but never mind i'll try my best,enjoying this moment

but luckily people here are all nice..seniors help us a lot and most importantly i'm not far away from  islamic life,islamic style..even i;m not a good person but i still want to be good..:P

utp is the best place to study you know!!..there's lot of lakes with picturesque near to nature with fresh air..breathtaking side to explore..awesome lahh!!

hopefully my new life here brings more memorable event in my life to be remembered..
with new friends,HAJAR my roommate,una,emy,ain,adni,nisa and fieza and all EE friends,i'll try my best to be the best person even i know i cant,i'll never give up

just being the simple and kind;i believe i'll success here..and of course vote of thanx to all of ya that always support me,..both my beloved parents,kak marina,nia,una,cida,ena,mady,farah,engku,sana',amni,zirah,fatin,janie,and lots more  that i cant say here but i'll always you all lahh!!HAHHA
always pray for my success,k..

kamsahamnida and bye..till we meet again!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Assalamualaikum and hello there!

the first post on 2012..Gosh! its already 18 years I've looked this amazing world but I've nothing to do,nothing to proud about... I still remember vividly my "budak budak kecik" dream dulu..I wanna make a simple movie or kinda video about my own-made love story..ya, that story is about my own imagination during I was a kid. when I found back my own lakaran yg I buat mase kecik, quite cute la..I guess some of my friends already saw it,but never mind..I still wanna transform that cute lakaran into a short video,maybe about 5 minutes kot..ya, just nak try..HAhA,at least I can make that entah-pape dream as a reality that everybody can see it..and hopefully I can see smiling face of you watching it later.. :)

so,guys just wait for it..its cooming soon in your home cinema at.................
HEHE just wait and see ya..oh,lupe that kasut belum start lagi,so tak tau bila nak post my own-make shoes.huhu

ya thats all for this time.hope to see all of you again even I only have 11 followers..sob2..ok cao ya..kamsahamnida for reading !
smile alone is my hobby so dont think i'm crazy if you seeing me senyum kambing sorang sorang..haha :P