Tuesday, January 24, 2012


assalamualaikum and hello there!
right now.i'm already in utp tronoh perak and i guess i've made the right choice to grab the chance to be a "mahasiswi" you know..huhu
time flies and i'm still cant believe that i'm here with new friends new environment new lifestyle and also i've been the new me..
i'm taking foundation here then insyaallah will pursue in electrical and electronic engineering next year;;
know what guys susah doe nak suit with this new environment where i cant be myself..
i'm the one that agak la susah nk rapat with,quite bored la..nak sembang pon cam takde topik je..but never mind i'll try my best,enjoying this moment

but luckily people here are all nice..seniors help us a lot and most importantly i'm not far away from  islamic life,islamic style..even i;m not a good person but i still want to be good..:P

utp is the best place to study you know!!..there's lot of lakes with picturesque near to nature with fresh air..breathtaking side to explore..awesome lahh!!

hopefully my new life here brings more memorable event in my life to be remembered..
with new friends,HAJAR my roommate,una,emy,ain,adni,nisa and fieza and all EE friends,i'll try my best to be the best person even i know i cant,i'll never give up

just being the simple and kind;i believe i'll success here..and of course vote of thanx to all of ya that always support me,..both my beloved parents,kak marina,nia,una,cida,ena,mady,farah,engku,sana',amni,zirah,fatin,janie,and lots more  that i cant say here but i'll always you all lahh!!HAHHA
always pray for my success,k..

kamsahamnida and bye..till we meet again!


  1. aaa . i miss u already ida :) nmpk cm mu okei gilaa kt c2 .. live ur life weh . aku jelly kt sni . hehe ^^

  2. hehe..jupo jugokk ore hok baek mace sep2 mung..
    miss all of you too,much