Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Assalamualaikum and hello there!

the first post on 2012..Gosh! its already 18 years I've looked this amazing world but I've nothing to do,nothing to proud about... I still remember vividly my "budak budak kecik" dream dulu..I wanna make a simple movie or kinda video about my own-made love story..ya, that story is about my own imagination during I was a kid. when I found back my own lakaran yg I buat mase kecik, quite cute la..I guess some of my friends already saw it,but never mind..I still wanna transform that cute lakaran into a short video,maybe about 5 minutes kot..ya, just nak try..HAhA,at least I can make that entah-pape dream as a reality that everybody can see it..and hopefully I can see smiling face of you watching it later.. :)

so,guys just wait for it..its cooming soon in your home cinema at.................
HEHE just wait and see ya..oh,lupe that kasut belum start lagi,so tak tau bila nak post my own-make shoes.huhu

ya thats all for this time.hope to see all of you again even I only have 11 followers..sob2..ok cao ya..kamsahamnida for reading !
smile alone is my hobby so dont think i'm crazy if you seeing me senyum kambing sorang sorang..haha :P

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