Saturday, November 3, 2012



Assalamualaikum and hello there.

 before aku start cakap pape, jom tengok video ni dulu.

       i'm crying  the first time i see this video. it's kinda got me thinking could i fulfill all those wishes?
will i treat them well,the way they asked? i dont know. even my mom and dad,your parents also i guess,never wrote that kind of letter to us.but deep inside every parents have those wishes in their heart.
They grow us with care,love and patience.Never give up of feeding us the best food, teaching us to walk and ride a bicycle, giving us all the things we asked . But did we think about all those things?did we truly appreciate that? could we have something to give back, tho they never ask us to do so. think about it. think about it.

      Mom and Dad. we thanks God for sending both of you to this world. You raise us until what we are now. So, its our responsibilities to make your tomorrow getting brighter and brighter. If we ever hurt your feelings, please forgive us. We know you are getting older,so do us.We hope we will patiently help you up when your knees get weaker,listen to your stories the way you hear our teddy bear story long time ago. Don't worry we will never sick of your smell because you are heaven to us. If the day you have to wet the bed, please don't say sorry but cherish a smile so that my future children remember that smile. We would be glade to hear those whisper from you to God. We know your blessings are the key to God blessings. but am i worth to receive those whisper? am i good enough to be proud of? am i a good daughter to you? I hope so.

     indeed,i know my parents never read this post. But i want them to keep calm because i'm trying my best to be the good one. In shaa Allah. ' O God give me strength to always fight for this dunya and hereafter. Gather us one day in your real paradise. Give us true happiness and excitement.' Ameen.

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