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Assalamualikum and Hi there!
How are you doing? Hopefully we still be granted with good health and His blessing.
Actually i'm posting this short post*yeah,short enough i guess just to share few things i learnt lately.
Now i really understand what "EXPLORATION" really is.
Why Kak Marina and Kapten chose Karisma English EXPLORATION(if i'm not mistaken la) .KEX.
Its because its sacred meaning. and only now i truly understand it.

People always says "Experience is the best teacher" and yeah it is but for me exploration is the best experience. ehehe.bole erk? :P
Yep it almost a year I've been here in UTP, far away from home. I'm kinda excited at first to enjoy the new life here. But being here actually not about to enjoy the freedom, not to be away from our fitrah basically. It is all about learning. Of course to achieve a good result and gain academic knowledge but not to forget here, we learn the basic introduction about life. What life is all about? how to deal with people? How to manage our own self.

through my observation.ecece.hehe. First and most important thing I discover is 'friends'. before, I just be friend with anyone, huha huha with everybody but that everybody is not true friend.
I found that not all the people are sincere. some just trying to benefit something from be careful guys.
to find a bundle of friends is easy but to discover a true friend is not. Here is 2  criteria to look for:
-have a good heart.even some cant show their attention and love but we,can feel it.
-bring us closer to our God.keep reminding us about solah, aurat and attitude.
But, reminder to find a good friend,we ourselves should be that "good friend" first.

Second.surrounding.Be aware! Dont believe people easily. I've once being asked to buy a product. And I dont know I cant think rationally at that time and i just bought it. It cost RM2000++. Just imagine,how come init?They control fully my psychology at that time. I try to ask them to return back that product the next day but they play around with the contract I've signed. I can do nothing.Its all because of my carelessness. But thanks God, my parent are both supportive. They dont blame me at all. They advise me to learn from this, dont easily believe people, remember your main point to be there(to seek knowledge,to make me proud).
For the first time in my life I cried when talking with my Abah.I dont expected those words from him. I thought he'll be very angry hearing that. Alhamdulillah,now everything settled. Starting from that incident, I appreciate my parent more, i realize how loving they are.I respect them much.And I'm not the old Ida yang boros lagi dah.Someone told me "it is  the best lesson when it happen when you're still young because you'll not repeat it when you're old". work with people especially to do group task.I learnt a lot this sem how to work with others.Yep, everything kak Marina said is right. First,Choose a leader.I've done a group project but we forget to assign a leader and at last the result was hurm.So,now I get something:
-Choose your group member if you can.Thats our right kan. Only great people think alike.
-Assign a group ensure things went smoothly.
-Be a good group member. Do what we suppose to do and help others also.
-Do research and ask others opinion.
-Be serious.
I did not blame anyone but it just an advise for all of you and myself to be well prepared and give full commitment in completing any task.And learn from others.

My last word.Just go with the flow.accept everything that happen and EXPLORE the reason why it happen.
Be a good person. Make others happy.Remember we are here to gain knowledge,make our parents proud and explore the real life.So, lets reorganize our timetable to prepare ourselves to achieve success here and hereafter.
"Exploration is the best experience". dont afraid to explore okayy. :))

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