Saturday, May 26, 2012


assalamualaikum and hello there!

hows ur day?is it as great as I am?.hope so
since I'm still staying at utp ,I guess I'm glad enough knowing I got that Pinjaman Boleh Ubah MARA.Thanks God,He has already planned this..So officially I'm not leaving utp for UIA or MATRIKS,I'll always being here with all these great people I love most,all of you are a part of my family -ain hajar ellly adni asma' MZ rina irham sarah kim pipah zai husna and budakk MAY intake,E'ah..haha..lets renew our aim and go for it..together we cherish new wonderful memories..

to all my friends,geng2 MMP,SKPH and KEX12..all the best in ur new university life.enjoy every single moment that u have..yg dapat pegi oversea MAIRA AMEER IZHANI..tahniah,jelezz  gile kot..hihi

here I would like to thank the important person that help me a lot,abah ummi yg sacrifice all they can for me,of course tanpa doa restu my  parents I'll never be what I am una,thaks sebab bagi aku essay BRAtS kau yang gempakk gile tu  as a reference utk buat essay kat MARA hari tu..che su yg tolong check my essay even malu kot vocab entah pape..all friends yg always and always support and doakan aku..thanks so much you

not to forget che Haida yg selalu bagi kate2 semangat..all the best ya kat USIM..

again that "keramat" words-"aim for the best and maintain ur aim"
let success be ours especially to EE student..ngeee~

only now i found the best picture of mine..HAHA..:P

see you again in the next post,bye :))

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