Friday, March 9, 2012

KEX '12


hello guys!
something has just cross into my mind after usha-ing others blogs(maria elena's,fatin liyana's and other of my friends) .
curious to know?HAHAHA..I want to update my blog too..:P

actually my life is just like usual,bangun pagi makan dan tidur kembali apabila malam bored kan.
but,what make it different is that I'm now officially a utp student..just having my 1st test past few days and now enjoying my mid-sem break,ALonE in my room, surrounded by soft sounds coming from outside,hearing people laugh loudly at the ground floor...and when midnight comes in,I felt something weird in myself..dup dup dup...

                                      I'M SLEEPY AND WANT TO SLEEP!!!

haha..thats what happened last night when I'm left alone here..all my friends going home but I decided to stay and cover all the subject that I've lost.but,its too bored to study,doing my leisure time activity,"skodeng" u all punya gambar. one of it was KEX's.

kak marina

seriously I miss one of the happiest moment with you guys,Super Us..even I was there just for a month I guess,I felt the bonding between us and of course with the most important person KAk MArina..the one that encourage me,teach me lots of thing I never find out here,most loving person..the one that hear my problem once ago.

hopefully all of you still remember me,the one yang dtg hari tu yg cerita pasal utp,bukan main selambe cakap kelantan time kex..actually spontaneously aku tercakap go on je lahh..sorry guys spoil ur class..:))

I still remember vividly one of the words came out during the lesson and I would never erase from my mind untill the end of my life. "aim and maintain ur aim"..thats make me take everything as its easy way in order to reach my goals of life..I also felt how sweet the relationship here.when I heard KEx already end,my inner voice cried and I know all of you lost the biggest thing in ur life, right?If I cried that much,I'm sure you guys had cried out of your voice.but, remember! you got much much more knowledge than me,lots of valuable things than me and most precious thing is much much more memorable times with,dont feel sad.. be grateful enough to have this thing as part of our journey of life.
when I read the comments said they love KM,I want to shout too but I cant as aku takut sakit tekok nanti..:p

but I still want to express that too and I think it is not too late anyway

hopefully I'm still one of kex super us family..still wondering cane la korang skrg nia still angkt phone mase present?or mejak still sepakk2 org bila duduk kt depan?of course everything had changed I guess..haha
xsabar nak pakai baju super us.till we meet again once SPM result are of luck guys!!

P/S:sorry copy gambar korang without permission but I love it

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