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Assalamualaikum and hello there.
It's 12.48 a.m now and today is the first day of Muharram.Alhamdulillah,God still leave us alive in this,never waste the chance He gave.
Life is a journey and every path we go has its own lesson for us.
Don't regret if you fall,because your experience of falling is a gift to shine your journey. yeah, you'll be bored living without challenges.

Many of my friends think that I've nothing to be worried about my life is just perfect but then I am not that lucky enough. Before this I consider this thing as a problem but tonight I take it as a challenge, I challenge myself to pass this obstacle of being too passive. To be honest I've been kinda too pendiam tak friendly which i don't realize when this habit betapak dalam diriku. I'll try to mingle around especially with my cousins,relatives and friends. Maybe just say hi when seeing each other and being more open to share my feeling and opinion. think positive,be brave and break the wall of comfort-zone.

It's been about a year I let my blog unupdated i guess and just finished my first year of degree, not because I'm too busy or what but I just felt like not to share.
up until now, Alhamdulillah I've been blessed with a good academic performance and I believe it's not because I'm genius or what but it's due to the support I gained from family and friends.
For me the most important thing in our lives is the "niah" so that's why i always try my best to complete my "niah". The things I always remember when I felt malas or give up were my "niah" :
1. I wanna get God's bless
2. Make my parents happy
3.Helping those around me achieving their dreams
4.Naikkan nama islam dalam masyarakat. (asyik chinese je dapat best student award)

To gain success need a lot of hard works and planning of course. So, plan our own schedule that suits us well and stick with it. discipline ourselves. The tips were to focus as much in class, always ask lecturers if we don't understand (for me I like to see them personally) and do our revision.
Those tips seems like a bit common,so here's my secret (which I've just discovered last semester Ha Ha):
Help your friends to score, by doing so you gain more than others. And the feeling knowing your friends succeed or even score better than you is really satisfactory. Being one of the reason for others to succeed is priceless.And lastly never forget to ask the help from God.make do'a and perform solat hajat. Always have faith that God is there for us.

This year is the most challenging phase I've gone trough since 19 years of living.haha bebajet dah besar sikit.
On April, I've detected some abnormal lump in my breast (yeayh maybe it's a sensitive issue to share but I believe this will benefit those women out there). Thanks God that i knew where to go. I've met Miss Wong, penasihat Youth to Youth Club (Y2Y) who is also a nurse at Klinik Kesihatan Keluarga. I've told her about the lump that I found when doing the breast-self examination so she just did the manual checking since there's no machine at the clinic and yes she also feel there's abnormal cell.Only then I tell my mom about it.the next day she brought me to the hospital for an ultrasound.I pray to God hopefully it's not a cancerous cell and Alhamdulillah doctor said it is a benign and she found not just one lump but many, called as multiple bilateral breast lump.I am quite shocked to know that but my mom had cool me down.
After that I did the needle biopcy test to verify that those lumps are not cancer and yeayh they're not.
Even it is a relief but I begin to feel depressed and sad. sometimes I felt scared and I just kept those feeling to myself. I pretend to be strong, I don't want to be a burden to anyone.
Then my mom consult a specialist in the hospital she work to set for the date of operation. At that time I should take a break from Medtech for a while and I don't want to. I'll be left behind by my batchmate so I ask my mom to postpone it until I finish my first year.Even i can't focus and contribute much to the club I felt happy enough to join MAS MAY 2013 and go duty as usual. Maybe people would see me as not so interested to the club but honestly I've tried my best.
on 12th September 2013 I've been operated to remove the lumps and Alhamdulillah everything goes well and there's no side effect after the operation,so now I feel healthy enough.
I consider myself as lucky to have that experience that not everybody have it. At that time, myself getting closer to Allah. I kept telling myself to just accept the fate and be strong.
Since october is the breast cancer month,I should share this post last month actually but then it's okay. at least I do it tonight.
During the tough time you face, don't give up,remember you have God to ask for help, the family that always love you and the friends whose give support. You're just not alone.

here's some pictures of the lumps removed. 

Looks scary init? With todays technology, nothing to be scared actually.
You don't lose your breast anyway, they only take out lumps.

We still have a long way to go.Just go with the flow and enjoy every moment we face.
And today if I'm not mistaken is already the 59th day of my four month break I enjoyed it so much.
The time is well spent with family and friends.To be honest I start to miss my classmate by the way hihi.

Aim High, Work Hard.Salam Maal Hijrah.

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