Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Eid


Assalamualaikum and hi.

It's the fourth day of Syawal for this year.As usual,its a routine for everyone to enjoy the eid w/ friends and family.
My eid this year is quite different.If before, I used to start the first day of eid by bermaaf-maafan with the whole family members and then we go to the mosque and visit the graves of our datuk nenek moyang.Then,we'll start visiting rumah saudara-mara but now the trend start to change.
This year,the eid is not that complete as my big bro who's studying in Egypt didnt come home.
Belah abah,Tokwan and Tok Ki pon dah about a year takde and belah ummi Tok Ayah already met the God.And nenek yang paling aku rapat pon dah almost two years kembali ke rahmatulAllah.So, if dulu kitorg balik kampung to visit them now balik kampung pon just gitu2 je.The feeling was different.

So, yang muda2 je yang tinggal.It's different how the old people treated their child and grandchild as how people's nowadays do.The style is still the same like bersalam salaman,borak2, makan sesama and bagi duit raya and stuff but I guess we nowadays we rarely put our hearts in. We did all that just for the sake of doing but we didnt being fully sincere of doing so.
We are all selfish. We want people to respect us,but we dont.We ask people to be friendly,but we dont.
We wish for people to come to us,but did we do that?

But we do visit rumah tok belah arwah Tok Ki. Even it is just a short visit, I do feel the excitement. I feel the old feeling of visiting sedara mara. Kami borak2, makan2 and do the same things as at others house but the feeling is different there.I believe that was because everyone put their hearts there.

I see this in my family now.As a young generation, I cant do anything.I just follow the trend and be there if i have to.I felt quite sad but what can I do.I do hope the next year and my generation wouldn't be like this again.i'm sick of seeing people being hypocrite and irrational.All of us want the harmony and silaturrahim to continue.It all starts with us.Even a small act like bertanya khabar,it will work as long as we put our hearts in.

Rasulullah has once said,

 “Tidak masuk syurga orang yang memutuskan hubungan kekeluargaan.” (Hadits riwayat Muslim)

Hopefully everyone realizes the situation in our big family now and try to put our effort to fix it.
Jika ada salah silap, ida mintak maaf.
Salam Aidilfitri,Maaf Zahir & Batin.

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