Sunday, December 18, 2011


assalamualaikum guys..hello there !
I'm just little bit bored la today..ya, I thought after accomplish the SPM, I'm free enough to do these and those
but yaa..still I dont know what to do..just bangun tidur and chill chill depan TV watching cartoon with my little sister, mengadap laptop 24 jam and makan makan pape yang ade..
quite wasting my precious time la kan..anyway,xpe la kan at lest dapat jugak release tension

plan lepas SPM kononnye nk buat lesen kete..oh,I lupa know what guys my cousin only paid RM 900 buat lesen kete+motor..MURAh doe! terbaekk la kan..and I ingat nak buat jugaakk..Haha..

then,plan masuk kex (karisma english explorance) kind of ex-SPM punya programme la..kitorg akan diajar cara nk speaking confidently in public,how to do assignment, the way to face interview,and all that stuff la.

and I still remember bout the Y2y club..ya youth to youth club..
act,i've joined their meetg last week and we've planned some interesting activities for the next year,,and i guess the members dah berkurang and we need to find new members..and guys I WANNA INVITED YOU and your friends to join can log on to our fb at KELAB REMAJA UNTUK REMAJA Y2Y....
the upcoming event was lawatan ke rumah org tua seri kenangan,this january la kot kalo jadi..
guys dont waste your time,just bring along RM5 to our club and become the members now..lots of beneficial things you'll get and gave it back to others ..(iklan sebentar bersama ultraman)
                                                                yeah!yeah!stop the war!!

oh entah pape panjang pulak membebel...lepas jugakk rase boring ni...kalo ade pape benda yg menarik tuk aku join jangan lupa cakap ehh...ok la chiou and bye !
make peace and see ya